A Wanderer Speaks Her Story……..

{Tuesday,August 1,2006}   helllllllllloooooo…

hey all….yeah am back again! lol….life’s been crazy these coupla months and its bound to get even more crazier!!!!!so havent really got my 2nd year results till now…but am already into 3rd year with classes on full swing and loadsa stuff to be done….AND  worst of all…i have two of the most screwed up profs fer my philosophy classes this year wich means i shall be moving to hell shortly…media studies profs are kick ass..stern wen needed but awesum fun..english prof is all “no sweetie thats not how its dun” and “c’mon darlings u’ll can do better than that..” reminds me of a socialite wenever she walks into class…mwahahahahahaha….my french prof is the bestest of all..hehehe…he’s still scared of me and will move 500 feet away from me and talk to me…(NO IT’S NOT MY BODY ODOUR!!! 😛   )

Yeah so thats been that fer week one….i promise this time i’ll be back to write up again..

cheers ya’ll!!!


{Sunday,May 28,2006}   Am Back…

wasssssssup ya'll…i know i said i'd be back soon but everything just happened all of a sudden..i got a job..yay!!! was all excited BUT the job kinda took its toll on me and am leaving it tomorrow..lol…1 week and the job was real shitty!! besides that am thinkin wat else can be dun now since i still have 2 months left for college to open… and the heat is killing!!! going to watch Da Vinci Code with The Geek.. to hell with all the drama behind it… omen's releasing on the 6th of june!! yay!!! and taylor won American Idol…double yay!!! was so excited!!! was at work wen bro messaged…woohoo..gotta admit he was good..not that i hated the Catherine chick but she was just there to look pretty and all..i mean yeah she did sing well too…but then…..

politicians really seem to be free with nuthin to do…wats with all the hype over amir khan and his movie…its just a movie for cryin out loud…funny thing i read in the paper today was the dumbass lousy BJP guys asking people to ban all kashmiri goods..why?? cuz amir khan plays a kashmiri in the movie…so much for patriotism.. Losers!!

India shining,…i think we need a lil bit of polishing work to be done…nobody saying anything about the whole reservation issue..is sad..hell i need to think about mah future too…but with all the rallies and protests happening i really see no sense…the politicians really aren't saying anything…am not saying anything about giving up or something but am sure there are better ways to deal with these issues… why did these dumb fools think about this now??? i mean all these years nothing ever came back..i mean yeah the mandal commission and all happened..but then nothin came up after that…was watching this interview of arjun singh with Karan thapar..and man the guy is dumb..he had no answers at all..daft dude was mumbling sum trash wen thapar threw questions at him…how?? just how do these guys come up with such brilliant ideas??

am gonna go chill…will cya'll later,..

Peace,Love and Empathy.

{Sunday,May 7,2006}   Shades of grey…

i thought i would try and get my mind working and try and post something today but offlate all my mind's been clouded with is wise ass going away..last few days are here and i can't even spend time with him thanks to the blessed desertation he has to complete and submit….

am just going to come back maybe next week when am in a much much better mood hopefully and life seems more colourful than the grey shade it seems to be in right now…

cheers and hope you guys enjoy your weekend…will be back shortly..

{Thursday,May 4,2006}   It’s killing….

delhi is getting hotter and hotter by the day….and its killling!!!! dun feel like getting outta the house at all…boredom kills at home..should be starting my driving lessons soon..and then in june we have the pub rock fest happening..woo hoo!! 😀 am all excited!! till now have had no luck with the part time job..so i sit at home and well play my guitar..everybody's gone back to their home towns and the rest are still busy with their exams…1 more week and wise ass leaves for b'lore….sigh….and life will move on…

have started managing jude's band again..hoping to get sum gigs soon…

was reading the newspaper about this lil kiddo who is into marathon running at a tender age of 6 or sumthin…man what is with the country..so much for going against child abuse and all the laws(obviously meant not to be followed)…how can people be so ruthless man?? i mean just to get his name entered into sum record book?? sheesh..i wonder whats next?? which kid can drink the most number of milk bottles or sumthin…?? me gonna get back to strumming..till then keep rocking and beat the heat!! its time for chilled beers!!! yay!! 🙂

{Thursday,April 27,2006}   It’s Over!!!!!

watup people,am back…finally over with the exams!! phew..messed up two of my papers big time!! luckily the other two went pretty well…suprisingly philosophy went well..unfortunately french got kinda rigged 😦  but ah what the heck…i still have a next time next year although i don't really want to……tomorrow is party time..got a gig at mezz to go to 😀 me excited!! it's been ages since me been fer a gig…P.O.A for the next 3 months is to probably take up part time job..mills and boons is checking out sum N.G.O so may just join her then once she gives me proper information and me gonna travel hopefully…

right now me wants to chat with wise ass and unfortunately the damn electricity has gone off at his place…blasted delhi electricity board!!!!!!!!

Question:Why is life such a biatch at times????!!!!!!!!???

{Monday,April 17,2006}   cya in a while…

exams starting after two days…get over in a week….will be back in a short while…


Peace,Love and Empathy.

p.s:Easter was boring…had come back late from the vigil mass and after it went to comesum in nizamuddin to have dinner at bludy 3 in the morning..reached home at 5 and was very sleepy…relatives came home fer lunch,didnt bother went off to sleep.. 🙂

{Monday,April 3,2006}   Untitled…

these days life seems to be pretty messed up and disorganized….i mean yeah things cud get worse than this BUT with the exams just round the corner am freaking out….i messed up my french viva royally,freaked out when the examiner asked me stuff..answered in mono syllables cuz oui and non are the best answers for everything!! 😀 they mean yes and no….had to sign the damn bond cuz of shortage of attendance which mean i'll have to attend all my classes in 3rd year,cant bunk as always 😦  but next years classes seem to be pretty cool so i dun think i wud wanna bunk anyway….maybe now and then wud bunk for sum happening college fests but i'll have to be very careful…this is what sucks big time about D.U and specially my college!!!at times feel like am trapped in holy land….am so glad they still allow us to wera what we want and not uniforms…..speaking of which was having a discussion wit couple of people over coffee at barista{which is now 3rd home for me,McD is the 2nd one and 1st is obviously my place} should uniforms be made part of campus rules and regualtions?? or shud people continue to be given the freedom to wear what they want…was just having our general "intellectual discussions" over coffee…whats your say on it??

{Tuesday,March 28,2006}   Sumtimes……..

………….I wish i didn't act oversmart…..i wish i had never initiated conversation between us……i wish i had kept the distance between us and didnt get closer……..i wish i didnt have to keep taking the initiative to talk and get sumthin going………..i wish i never told you how much i love you…….i wish i don't have to see you go away…..

cuz now i feel hurt bad…….it hurts to see you go away….it hurts not to be with you anymore…..

"Loving you……………
isn't really something I should do
Shouldn't wanna spend my time with you,I should try to be strong
But baby you're the right kinda wrong…….."

{Monday,March 27,2006}   Random Rantings 2…..

finally the farewell jazz is over and dun with!! phew!!..working with the student union was good fun,lotsa work,lotsa suffering along with that…have never ever been so submissive in my entire bludy life wth anybody!!! thankfully got A. as the deejay that day,was so much more refreshing than the crap ass who is hired every friggin year and who plays all the possible shit he’s collected….and now…….life’s back to studies…havent started seriously and i know am gonna be in for it this year!! messed up my mocks and now the finals and am foolin around with all possible activities…gosh…making people happy around me just aint my cuppa tea {and i hate tea 🙂 } besides that life is good….

today my fortune read …”love life will be happy and prosperous…”
love life??? mine??? happy and prosperous!!???!!! yea,right!!!!
one more month and wise ass leaves for bangalore…. 😦 am gonna miss him loads….hope i can control the flow of water from moi eyes when he’s leaving…

{Tuesday,March 21,2006}   On dates and being set up..

I really appreciate having tons of friends and acquaintances who wish to see me go around wit sumone for once!!! BUT I hate being set up by people….it’s one of the things i detest the most!!

couple of my seniors in college tried setting me up wit a dude,sri lankan fellow,sweet chap…know the guy fer about two years now cuz he’s my seniors roomie and i usually bump into him or he wud hang out wit us and sumotha friends etc..so i knew the fella…what bugged me was them setting me up witout me being told….i was pretty rude wit the guy and walked out cuz like i’ve said before i HATE IT!!! so the next day i felt kinda bad and apologized to him and now the dude just won’t leave!! bugger messages hajaar times and i reply to one in every five messages…ya i know am being real mean here but when am not interested..what the hell??!!?? as much as i try to run away from this chap he just comes running after…according to A.J and megs i should give the guy a chance and not run away from every guy who comes my way…am really not the dating kinda,am damn good at advising people wat to do and whether they should give the person a chance and all that other jazz…..BUT….when it comes to me AM BAD!!..so basically,now am the mean,unapproachable girl in college and everybody’s pretty mad at me that i told the fella i just wanna be friends and nothing more than that….but then it’s my decision and i dun like being set up!! and if am not interested am not,but if i am then it’ll be very very visible on my face…

till then,ya’ll be good while i bring the world down!!!

Peace,Love and Solidarity..

p.s:tomorrow’s the farewell thingy finally!!!!! and after that am a free bird!!! screw the student union next year!! to hell wit the damn posts and respect and all that other jazz which comes along!! i’ve had it wit this shit!! i maybe once bitten but i aint twice shy!! cheers ya’ll!! 🙂


{Sunday,March 19,2006}   and thats what i go to college for….

offlate i’ve been having lotsa arguments wit my H.O.D(head of dept) in college over stupid issues and i hate being submissive cuz of the lil rebel inside me i wish i could kick this prof’s butt big time and i would love to do it,the only reason for me being soooo submissive is cuz my marks lie in this prof’s hands…she’s my damn philosophy prof and i have to suffer her again in my final year!! anyway,have to host this farewell party kinda thing fer the seniors in college and there’s lots to be done and the prof’s hardly bother to help in any way….so i lost my temper as always and there began another round(have lost count of the number of argument rounds have had wit her) and just as we wer arguing i dunno wat the hell got nto my head…a quote i had read in the newspaper came back into my head and i spoke it out like a jackass!!!……….result of this round will definitely mean dire consequences….for me and my grades…but then wat the heck wats life witout crazy people like her…

The Quote:
“i don’t argue with ugly people,they have nothing to lose….”

finally gettin over with my student union duty on wednesday after the farewell party!!!!  

peace,Love and solidarity.


{Thursday,March 9,2006}   Crazy lil’ thing called Love….

Am still in love with that fool…and i feel so stupid that i can’t do anything about it cuz he’s goin away soon…never felt so stupid like this before…

another blue day…..and life is Beautiful!!


{Monday,March 6,2006}   Off tuned..

when i finally have the time to sit and do what i love the most..play my guitar,,i realised it was warped..thanks to jude who told me about it..the damn strings are touching the fretboard..when i play scales it sounds kick ass but when i begin to play any song or chords it sounds HORRIBLE!!!!! it’s about time i bought myself a new guitar anyway..got my first guitar thanks to A.J’S dad when they moved to the U.S…which therefore means it’s time to start saving once again..no more faltu expenditure…but then again i can do anything for music..

hope i get back soon,with the exams around the corner and the final term almost nearing the end,there’s shit loads to be done…so am assuming the new guitar will come sometime in july,till then will have to try my level best and work something out with this one….days of miseries are here to stay…

{Saturday,February 25,2006}   Random Rantings….

it’s bludy close to midnight and am supposed to be completing my french translations..what am i doing instead…blogging!!!

…am sure everybody must have heard about the whole jessica lal case..if u’ve not..go and google it,u’ll find out,,or just go through couple of the newspapers from the days gone by,your sure to find sumthing on this piece of news….if you’ve done that,am sure you’ll understand what am talkin about…am too damn lazy to write out the whole story here,so it’ll be better if you’ll just get updated sumhow…(forgive me) yeah so as always con man and moi were discussing the whole case and he made his “statement” “so does everybody with a high post or relatives of people with high posts get away so easily when they’re caught with some crime against their name?” for a moment i had to remain silent..this was gonna be a long argument and i needed a solid point to fight back..yeah i was mad at the judgement passed by the court against the whole case…it brought back what my history professor once spoke about in class…the law and the constitution talks about equality and everybody being equal and being treated equally…suprisingly,when the law comes to be enforced on the people who are part of the system,it doesnt seem to apply for them….i obviously could’nt say this to conman cuz i knew i would lose the whole argument so instead i chose to give him the example of salman khan…the law didnt back fire in his case…he has been sentenced to one year imprisonment…..to which conman replied.”yeah,right!!! that’s one in a million your talkin about!!” “so what??!!!?? everything starts slowly…it takes one person to start a movement,a change so it takes one case to show the way to other fools running the system that they can’t escape the laws..” was the only sensible thing i could think of replying to him…..sumhow even though i didnt really like the whole Rang de Basanti story…i think it has in a way started a change……i recieved messages atleasta dozen times from several people to write to ndtv or message them and thereby,ndtv after recieving all these messages and letters/mails etc would ask for a re-trial of the whole case…notice any difference here?? it’s hard for people to lose their loved ones,and specially in a manner where they are innocent and in no way involved in any form of hanky panky nonsense….for the first time,i have felt ashamed of the way the case has gone about…what happened to the equality and justice we speak of so often in the constitution and the damn laws this country doesnt want to follow?? talk about justice being served….i know i sound like an enthu young student but if justice has to be served it better be served…and i dun mind fighting fer this cause….


“Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
When you think everything’s okay and everything’s going right
And life has a funny way of helping you out when
You think everything’s gone wrong and everything blows up
In your face ………..”
~ Alanis Morissette,Ironic

{Friday,February 24,2006}   The Journey…

Being a college student in delhi,the mode of transportation (atleast for me) is usually a bus….now here we have two types of buses,the private(blue line as they’re called) and the D.T.C…the D.T.C buses offer bus passes fer students which i had got made sum time back….anyway,waiting fer a D.T.C bus to get back to my place is quite a headache and dun have much patience to wait that long,so usually hop onto one of the private ones…..yesterday,wasnt a very pleasant journey..it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get back home depending on the traffic…to pass my time in the bus if am travelling alone and wise ass is not with me or anybody else fer dat matter,i carry a book along or music…so anyway,back to what i was saying…i hopped onto one of the private buses(1stly cuz it was empty and i got place to sit,2ndly wudnt have to wait fer eternity fer a dtc bus to come) so i get my ticket etc…and take out my book to read,the female sitting next to me also happened to be a college chick from the university…and started making conversation…i couldnt really continue reading my book so put it away….on the way home,the bus usually passes 2 college(which are very famous fer fights during student union elections),these dudes had gotten on the bus and were as always showing off the new cell phone one of the gang members had purchased…till this place the bus was kinda crowded….2 minutes after the guy got onto the bus all of them are screaming at the bus driver to stop the bus and since ur a passenger u get to hear sum excellent words…so ya,this wannabe dude’s phone was stolen on the bus itself..and smart ass got off the bus with his friends thinking that the robber got off at the previous stop….the robber wasnt alone and had an accomplice..so after these smart asses got off the bus these guys get off at the next stop…dats when the whole bus realised that sumthin was wrong…the people who were standing had been robbed…people’s wallets were missing,cell’s were stolen etc…then the lady sittin next to me points out at these two men walking past the bus and says”he’s switching the phone off,,how smart these robbers are…” to which i asked her why she never opened her mouth when she knew who the robbers were……she remained silent…and didnt talk fer quite a while..so i take out my book and start reading again…she got off at the same stop as mine and while i was walking down she comes running up to me and says”the reason why i didnt open my mouth is cuz these guys stole my phone and when i di try to retaliate they threatened me with a knife….i cudnt say a word to her cuz i knew she wasnt lying….

this is just an instance of what goes on while travelling…at times i feel i’ve learnt a lot thanks to college being far away from home…the only problem being travelling the distance takes up lotsa time…..

so its 1 a.m and my eyes are almost shutting….glad i cud write this post….am gonna hit the sack now…

goodnight y’all…cheers!!! the weekend is finally here!!!!

et cetera